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We started in the backyard shed, simulating complex mechanical structures using Finite Element Analysis.
We needed more insight into what loads the structures were undergoing so we used off the shelf data loggers. We quickly found the limits of these devices and started making our own Industrial Data loggers.
That's when Element Engineering really morphed into the multidisciplinary team we are now! 

"Once you have simulated massive Haul Truck tyres, you can simulate anything!" 
That's our motto for the Mechanical Engineering work we do. Making our own Industrial Data Logging devices and now making our own Industrial IoT Sensors; we are up for any challenge in Electronics design. 

And when you've had to visualise IoT sensor data at hundreds of Hz, over hours of data logged, we are well versed in developing software to show actionable insights! 

We've also grown as a company, and can now provide cost effective engineering, drafting, development and prototyping services for the simplest through to the most complex of jobs. 

Check out some of the projects we've worked on. And do not hesitate to make contact, as we would be happy to chat about your next product development. We are happy to give advice and happy to help with the development work, if you see fit! 

Element 10 years ago, where it all began in the backyard shed.

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