Ayrton Sue

Founder / Managing Director

Ayrton is an expert in Product Development of Mechanical and Mechatronic systems.


He has worked as a consultant engineer since 2006 and founded Element Engineering Australia in 2010. Through his career thus far, he has worked with hundreds of clients across Mechanical, Electronic and Software development. 


With a foundation in Mechatronic Engineering, using Finite Element Analysis to simulate complex mechanical products such as Haul Truck Tyres, as well as electronic design of radio systems (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Long Range RF), Ayrton helps clients scope out their product development aspirations.

With a proven track record of successful products in the field, Ayrton's passion is now helping clients to properly scope out the end User Experience (UX), which in-turn focusses the development process and ensures minimum effort and cost to achieve the required end product. 

Ayrton's other passion is developing the team at EEA to undertake the detailed design and analysis work required of world class products. 

Due to his broad knowledge of Mechanical, Electronic and Software domains, another key skill of Ayrton's is undertaking technology due diligence assessment as a third party when required by investors. 

Ayrton is always available to give advice on how to take your next idea to a real world product. Please feel free to call him at the office any time. 


Jessica Sue

Operations Manager 

Not only being our director’s wife, Jess is also responsible for the day to day running of Element Engineering.


Previously, Jess worked for a global facilities management company as an operations manager. In this role she was responsible for several contracts for multinational oil and gas clients.


Within this role Jess exceeded by maintaining financials that were meeting or exceeding budgets, successful renegotiation of ab employment agreement with employee group, international mobilisation of a large-scale gas project and preparation of tender responses for both local and international contracts.


This experience allows Jess to ensure Element Engineering Australia is well equipped for growth both now and in the future.


In the new year, Jess will be working towards her MBA as well as caring for her 2 beautiful daughters.


Bradley Sue 

General Manager

Being there since the start, Brad has guided and supported his son Ayrton to grow the business into what it is today.


Taking over his own dads business in 2000, Brad has a world of knowledge in how to run a business through delegation of tasks ect.


Brad is always seen around the office and workshop taking care of all the nitty gritty stuff. 


Jo Scully

Accounts, Process and Compliance Manager

Coming from a mining background, Jo has worked in large corporations ect ect 






Jasmine Manning

Office Administrator 

Joining us in mid 2021, Jasmine is a bit of an all rounder!

Answering the phone, recruitment, website design, accounts and ect ect 






Tracy Sue

Operations Coordinator