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5 Carson Road

Malaga, Western Australia

Australia, 6090

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About Us

Element Engineering Australia was founded in 2010 by Ayrton Sue primarily as a Mechanical Engineering Consultancy specializing in advanced structural analysis. Today, EEA has Mechanical, Electronic and Software Engineering teams and services.


EEA's specialty has become development of products from ground up, with our clients. With a boiler-making background we can undertake design through manufacture of mechanical structures. And with our electronic and software skills, we can build IoT systems.


With the introduction of specialized electronics engineering and software development teams, EEA can develop mechanical products that are monitored and actuated by smart electronic systems.


EEA aims to build smart mechanical systems to bring the products we work on to the forefront of their domains.


5 Carson Road

Malaga, Western Australia

Australia, 6090

+61 8 6262 1111

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