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A graphic designer uses Figma to design a website at their desk.


Bringing intuitive design to the forefront.

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Poor design and branding result in frustrating user experiences, leading to decreased engagement, high bounce rates, and ultimately, a negative impact on business goals.


In today's competitive market where user-centric design is paramount, neglecting UI/UX can put our clients at a disadvantage, risking customer dissatisfaction and potential loss of market share.

Our solution is simple yet effective. By prioritizing user experience, we ensure that every engineering aspect aligns with the specific needs of your target audience.


We’re well-equipped to take on industrial design, UI flow, graphics, and branding so you can rest assured that your product will not only function flawlessly but also boast an aesthetically pleasing visual identity.

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"Collaborating with Element Engineering on branding, industrial design, and tablet app UI/UX for our wireless hydraulics tuning system was a game-changer.


Their expertise in these areas helped us create a cutting-edge app for the mining industry. The process was seamless, and the end result exceeded our expectations.


Highly recommended for their comprehensive design services."

Shane Lewis, Koodaideri


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Human-centered design is our priority. We want to focus not only on numbers but on building something that users will value and remain loyal to with practical interfaces that are easy to navigate.

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Industrial Design

A creative blend of form and function. We rigorously define product specifications, impart our practical manufacturing know-how, and make your product look and feel amazing.

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We want to create a visual identity that matches the performance of your products and the expectations of your users. Our designers love taking your ideas and turning them into something visual, solid, unique and memorable.


HydraTune brand website, on laptop screen
Hydra Tune Logo
Koodaideri Logo

A wireless hydraulics tuning system for heavy machinery in the mining industry. We are involved with branding, industrial design for the devices, and building a native app for remote tablet control.

SRAM eTap AXS Bike Finder web app interface

A web tool for exploring a catalogue of every bicycle compatible with SRAM's proprietary electronic drive train, eTap. We improved the user experience by redesigning the interface.

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