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Designing for user engagement.

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Web and app user experience (UX) poses a significant challenge in today's digital landscape.


Many interfaces lack visual appeal and fail to meet the user's needs, resulting in frustration and disengagement.


Users often struggle to navigate complex designs, leading to a poor overall experience. 

Our design method prioritizes users by creating visually captivating interfaces that align with their needs.


Employing a human-centered approach, we gather insights and feedback to create intuitive, user-friendly interfaces that not only look appealing but ensure a seamless and satisfying experience.



A tablet displaying the HydraTune SafeAdjust app.
Hydra Tune Logo
Koodaideri Logo

A tablet app and essential part of this IoT system. SafeAdjust enables qualified technicians to diagnose issues and tune hydraulics systems remotely. The user interface includes a control box, flow meter, and actuator control.

A laptop and smartphone showing the Cranio Web and Mobile apps.
Cranio Logo
Element Engineering Australia Logo

Highly customisable control apps that interface with our Cranio system, making IoT easy for everyone. You can detect events, visualise data received from devices and sensors out in the field, make configurations on the fly, set parameters, receive automatic data alerts, and update software and firmware.


Two designers look at a laptop and tablet as part of a discovery session for a new app.

1. Discovery Session

Our design team conducts a workshop with you to gather information and insights on the project objective, target market, user needs, and design constraints.

A Word document screenshot showing research done on for client's app.

2. Research

We take everything we learnt in our discovery session and conduct research to further understand the needs and preferences of the target market.

A screenshot of Figma showing the HydraTune app flow mapping.

3. Flow Mapping

This is a technique we use to visualise the user's journey through the app, providing insight on the sequence of the actions a user would take from entry to their desired outcome.

A screenshot of Figma showing wireframes of a new app in development.

4. Wireframes

After establishing an efficient flow, we create low fidelity mock-ups of the interface in Figma design software, roughly outlining the layout of content and functionality of the app without the visual design elements such as colour, typography or images.

A screenshot of Figma showing our Busman app UI library.

5. UI Library

We build a UI library with design components in Figma using your brand’s custom styling. This includes input fields, buttons, and headers.

A screenshot of our Cranio app user interface.

6. Visual Design

Enjoy peace of mind as our senior engineers ensure your designs meet all required Australian and international compliances and standards, such as AS4100 and AS1170.

A screenshot in Figma showing a prototype app user flow.

7. Prototyping

Our high-fidelity page design are turned into an interactive prototype, allowing you to take a realistic walkthrough of your app in Figma to better understand and refine the user flow.

The software and UI/UX team at Element looks at the result of a new web app prototype.

8. Development

The final designs in Figma are passed on to our software team for development.

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