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BusMan Software Development

Client EEA, other clients

BusMan (Business Management Software) is an internal innovation developed primarily for EEA. However it is now utilised by a number of clients to better internally manage their businesses.

Back in 2014 when we experienced rapid growth, the internal employee administration system for billing clients was cumbersome and incurred a disproportionate administration overhead.

BusMan was developed as a simpler, more efficient way to record working logs each block of billable work completed. The system was designed such that these logs could be imported directly to MYOB accounting software, without the need for manual/semi-manual importation.

Today, BusMan helps manage jobs from the quote stage through to completion, and has been configured to bespoke applications for various clients.

One of our clients, TuffTex, uses a configured version for tracking quotes, raising manufacturing tickets where components are manufactured in their workshop, then progresses these tickets through to billing and payment to the client. Other clients use it in similar ways, specific to their workflows.

We can pivot this base design of system to any client looking for either MYOB or XERO integration with their particular business workflow. We also hope to spin BusMan out as a management product for other businesses looking to track time billable activities and bespoke workflows.