DT Hi Load Australia

BullAnt Underground Tray

Design and Prototype

EEA worked closely with DT Hi Load to develop an underground truck tray for Atlas Copco MT6020 trucks.


The tray was developed to be:

- 25% lighter weight than the OEM solution

- achieve a 12% increase in material volume transported

- provide better payload ejection and payload hangup than OEM


After two successful trials at a mine site in WA, the tray was proven to provide maximum payload to the end user, without overloading the truck.


EEA undertook the following engineering services as part of this job:

- Ground up conceptual design

- Integration of design on OEM chassis

- Full detailing of all parts

- Iterative FEA analysis of entire tray structure

- Trialling with mine-site and DT R&D team

- Development of some jigs and fixtures for planned production


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