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Electronic Design History at EEA

Electronics design has become integral to EEA as we need to understand the physical stresses on products and structures.


Since 2010, EEA has utilized data loggers to acquire accurate real data.

Due to the high costs of purchasing data loggers, EEA decided to develop our own customised data loggers, fit for purpose, and cost effective.


Today, EEA has created an ecosystem of electronic products in the Industrial IoT domain.


Leveraging this experience, EEA also provides electronic design and associated services to other clients.

Read on to see some of our Electronics Design tools and processes

At EEA, we have pushed ourselves to the forefront of the wireless IoT & Consumer device domain.


Some of the subsystems we use in our designs include:


- Cellular Modems

- WiFi

- Bluetooth


- LoRa Long Range RF


- ARM Micro-controllers

- Microprocessors

- Power management systems

-Lithium battery charging systems

- Analogue and Digital Sensing

- Digital Communications (UART, USART, SPI, I2C, etc...)

EEA has experience and proven reference designs with all of the above systems, plus many more.


If your company needs assistance in product development unique to your business domain, we are here to help.

Using our vast library of parts and proven systems, EEA can efficiently help clients assess electronic product requirements and devise a high level arrangement of subsystems to suit.


Utilising our engineering expertise, we can then integrate mechanical and electronic components to effectively produce design prototypes.


Once high level product specifications have been laid out and design feasibility verified, detailed design can be undertaken to get your product to market.

High Level Product Development

Electronics Schematic and Circuit Board Design

EEA creates electronic designs using Solidworks for mechanical packaging, and Altium for electronics design.


Altium is our current tool of choice for electronic development. However, our team is also proficient in:


- Eagle


- Kicad



We also manufacture Electronic Prototypes in-house, ensuring fast and efficient product development.


If you have an idea or existing design that you need to develop or refine, feel free to contact us and see how we can help you.

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