Electronics Prototyping and Manufacture

Through the need to rapid prototype electronic systems, EEA has incorporated low volume electronics manufacture to its suite of services.


This allows fast prove out of designs so they can be developed and taken to market quicker.

Read on to see how we turn conceptual electronic designs into working products...

PCB Manufacture

Once electronics design is complete, we send the circuit board (PCB) design off to a number of reputable suppliers in China.


Through our relationships with them, we usually receive the PCB's back within one to two weeks.


Having a number of suppliers, each with there own specialities, ensures quality, timely delivery and optimum cost.

In-House Manufacturing Process

Stencil Solder

Once a board has been unpacked and inspected, preparation begins for solder paste application.


Contaminates are removed from the board and the board is carefully aligned and clamped with its stencil.

The board is then checked closely to ensure all pads are aligned.

Solder paste is then applied onto the stencil and the board is moved carefully onto the pick and place machine.

Pick and Place

Depending on board size, multiple boards maybe placed into the pick and place machine at a time.


With all coordinates output from the electronics design software, the machine accurately picks each component and places it onto the boards.


The first board generally takes the longest ensuring there are no missed or misplaced parts.


Subsequent boards can be assembled at a much faster rate.

Once all components are correctly located on the board, the board is moved to the oven where the soldering process is completed.


Each board has its own reflow temperature profile depending on component and solder specifications.


Boards are then removed after the process is complete and inspected thoroughly to ensure no 'tombstoning' or solder bridging has occurred.


Reflow Oven

Inspection and Rework

Once the boards are put through the oven, they are inspected under microscope to ensure all components are placed properly.


After inspection, they are tested by the electronics technician and then by the firmware engineer, before continuing development with them.


Having a complete electronics lab allows us to understand and modify prototype circuit boards if necessary, sometimes saving weeks of re-manufacturing time.

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