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Firmware is the program code that runs on every electronic device. Firmware is often more complex than software running on a computer as it interacts with the specific electronics within the device.


At EEA, we have vast experience with firmware development on a range of various electronic devices. Currently there are tens of thousands of electronic devices around the world utilising firmware developed here at EEA.


Read on to see how we develop quality Firmware for successful commercial products

When developing firmware, it's important to understand that it differs for every device.


The most critical phase of firmware design is first understanding device requirements. Once requirements are known, drivers need to be developed to allow interaction between sensors and electronic subsystems within the device.


Another aspect to be considered is future firmware upgradability.

Use of specialised tools and detailed knowledge of both electronics and software is required to effectively develop firmware.


EEA has all the resources at its disposal to be able to quickly develop reliable firmware that extracts the most out of your products.

The Tools Required to Develop Robust Firmware

EEA's Proven Firmware Assets

Just like our proven electronics designs, we also have produced working Firmware code for these systems.


Leveraging these existing assets can help fast track projects through prototype phase.


If we have not worked with your sub-system before, EEA can develop drivers and firmware from ground up.

In our experience, development of custom programming jigs speeds up the development process, whilst also making it safer.


We develop these jigs as part of the electronics process and then use them for firmware development and continuous integration.

Custom Programming Jigs for Firmware Development

Firmware Updates to Devices in the Field

If a firmware update is not thoroughly tested before being released, it can cripple devices in the field and create potential warranty claims.


The use of Continuous Integration for firmware is essential for successful firmware updates to devices in the field.


Our processes ensure every firmware update is thoroughly tested before being pushed out.

EEA has vast experience developing various types of firmware. These being:


- Bare Metal firmware

- State Machine based firmware

- Scheduler based firmware

- Real Time Operating System's (RTOS)

- Embedded Linux on Device

If you have a new or pre-existing firmware project you need help with, please don’t hesitate to contact us


We would be very happy to provide advice, design and development services as you need

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