Rendering of 3D CAD models throughout the design process can provide valuable insight into a product. It allows an understanding of how the product will look and be interacted with.


Renders can provide the designer with a true appreciation of the size of a product. Often very large or very small products in CAD can't be appreciated for their true size.


Rendering applies life-like textures, views emulating the human eye or a certain camera lens, as well as allowing the user to view the model from any angle they like.


EEA utilizes several different software for rendering, as well as our compute cluster and the latest Nvidia GPU's for to output the renders.

Some of our early renders were completed with Solidworks and used by our clients in marketing materials.


No we use a range of rendering software from Solidworks, Adobe and open source, depending on the job requirements.


The same software can be used to create animations from your CAD model.


Setting up the cameras and a storyboard allows realistic videos to be created.


Once the camera movements are input, the system is left to render each frame to a set level of detail. This can take many hours to many days depending on the quality and length of video. Using EEA's compute cluster dramatically decreases the rendering time by distributing the workload to many computers left to render overnight, or during the day on dedicated servers.

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