Australian & International Standards

At EEA, our collective experience allows us to efficiently work with a diverse range of products, and work with a range of Australian and International standards to ensure compliance anywhere.


Australian Standards:


AS 1170 (Structural Design Actions)

AS 4100 (Steel Structures)

AS 3990 (Mechanical Structures)

AS 4991 (Lifting Devices)

AS 1657 (Stairways/Walkways/Ladders)

AS 3868 (Earth-moving Machinery)

AS 1554 (Welding of Steel)

AS 1665 (Welding of Aluminium)





As part of our accreditation we offer peace of mind with:


- Detailed design documents outlining how we have certified your product


- A Certificate of Compliance signed off by our Senior Engineers along with each certification


- Compliance plates to be affixed to your certified products

Lifting devices

EEA have designed, analysed and optimised multiple heavy duty lifting devices to AS 4991. Combined with our ability to manufacture, we have even taken lifting devices from concept through to a designed, certified and manufactured product.


At EEA, we ensure all structures are certified in excess of their requirements.


The images shown highlight a Spreader Bar EEA designed for the lifting of haul-pack truck trays. These were designed to meet AS 4991, AS 4100, AS 3990, and AS 1554. NDT testing was also conducted to ensure weld requirements were met.

Transportation Frames


We have designed and certified a number of transport frames for a wide-range of equipment.


From small and fragile components requiring transport protection, through to heavy-duty mining equipment, we ensure frames can withstand all loads applied during loading/unloading and transport. All transport and service frames are also checked for their stability.



Stairways / Walkways / Ladders


Working with AS 1657, the Building Code of Australia (BCA), and multiple worksafe OH&S guidelines, we have helped multiple clients certify their stairways, walkways and ladders.



Such jobs have involved the following:


- simple mezzanine/staircase analysis

- glass staircases

-ladders requiring safety cages to access to water tanks




Wind Loaded Structures


For wind loaded structures, we analyse and determine all loads through AS 1170.2. EEA can help you ensure your product is structurally sound for wind loading depending on application and location.


We can even certify business signage for council approval as reuqired by the Builders Code of Australia (BCA).


This is achieved through hand calculations, FEA, and CFD as required.

Water Tanks


At EEA, we have certified a number of different tank designs. We have also helped clients optimise material usage and spacing between stiffeners through detailed analysis using real world load conditions including:

- Hydrostatic loading

- Wind loading



On the right is an example FEA image of stresses seen throughout a single Tank Panel section subject to Hydrostatic water pressure.

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