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Mechanical Design Process and Tools

Since 2006, EEA has worked on a wide range of complex engineering problems across multiple domains.


Hands on workshop experience allows EEA to provide additional value as an engineering consulting firm.

We understand all stages of the manufacturing process.

This helps us to deliver functional, cost-effective engineering solutions.


We strive to work closely with our clients to understand their needs, offering value wherever possible.

Our design philosophies are to:


- Utilize client's knowledge to properly understand engineering requirements


- Assess and propose creative, achievable and manufacturable design solutions


- Utilize the best design and analysis tools for each job

Computer Aided Drafting

At EEA, we use the best tools for the job and model parts with varying levels of complexity depending on each job.


Depending on client requirements, we can put together fast, functional CAD models with little emphasis on scalability... or, we can create fully scalable, 3D models driven by dimensions or other variable requirements.


Having a 3D CAD model allows detailed analysis to be carried out and can provide valuable insight into  product optimisation.

'Scalable modelling' is a technique EEA uses to create parametric 3D geometry which can be modified using design tables.

This technique allows simple inputs to update an entire model, reducing the amount of drafting time required to iterate from one design to the next.


It also allows designs to be scaled extremely quickly & efficiently with minimal user input.

From small consumer electronic devices...

...through to massive haul truck tyres and trays...

...even out to a full scale production plant...

...EEA can help design and optimize it

Australian and International Standards

A large portion of our work involves understanding and utilising standards to certify our clients' products and designs.


Most designs, whether mechanical, structural or consumer products require compliance to relevant standards to be used within their domains.


At EEA, we are very familiar with mechanical, structural and electronics standards. Through our experience with the more generic standards however, we are well equipped to interpret any standards required for a given job.


All of our work is guaranteed to meet and exceed relevant Australian Standards.

CAD Tools

At EEA, we primarily use Solidworks to create virtual models.


However, our team of engineers are adept in using a number of industry standard CAD programs. These include:


- Solidworks

- AutoCAD

- Inventor

- Fusion 360

- Rhino

- Microstation


We are open to discussing any particular CAD requirements with our clients as required.

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