Manufacturing and Fabrication

With a large amount of experience in mechanical fabrication workshops, engineering of fabricated designs was a natural progression. However, when EEA struggled to find consistent quality, pricing and delivery times from manufacturing partners, we brought some manufacturing back in-house.


These days we have a full time boilermaker who also undertakes some drafting and workshop management duties.

This allows us to excel in engineering of fabricated structures and products.


With feedback directly from the shop floor, we believe having our own in-house team improves the overall quality and engineering experience at EEA.


We still utilize manufacturing partners when they are better suited to undertaking certain jobs than ourselves in-house.


Read on to see the range of manufacturing we have undertaken and how we can help.

Shown left is part way through the manufacturing of our 8m Custom Spreader Bar for Haul Pac Truck Trays.


This is still one of the larger fabrications we have completed in-house. We look forward to completing a few more of these!

These 20Tonne tray chocks had to be made out of Aluminium so they could be manually handled by the guys in the workshop.


Designed and Manufactured by EEA, in-house.

Boilermaking and Metal Fabrication

We have all the equipment and skill in-house to tackle any fabrication to about 10m long by 4m wide.


We utilize primarily MIG and TIG welding, depending on the job.

Larger jobs will be outsourced to our other fabrication partners.


For anything requiring machining or casting, we have specialized partners for these jobs. Depending on quantity and price point, we have partners in Australia and China.

Plastics and Rapid Prototyping

We have invested in a number of 3D printers at EEA. These help with mocking up parts to understand their form, fit and function.


We are happy to knock out 3D prints as part of the service we undertake with clients.

If 3D printing on our in-house printer does not have sufficient quality or resolution for a job, we will outsource the prototyping to a number of partner companies, again in Australia and China.


One specific service we are very happy with is low volume production using Vacuum Casting.

Vacuum Casting produces production quality plastic parts, with material properties very similar to ABS plastic.


Silicone and rubber parts can also be produced using Vacuum casting.


At EEA, we have had significant success in using 3D printing and vacuum casting to prototype designs.

The form, fit and function of the product can be understood quickly, in your own hands.

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