Software Development

Software Development

It is hard to summarise the broad range of software development that EEA undertakes, because it really is so broad.


So... see below to understand some of our software stack and experience.

With a solid grounding in coding with C, EEA regularly uses C and C++ for high performance computing, when required.

Python is a favourite of ours for quickly exploring datasets, or even developing applications that interface with many different end points.

Javascript has been a big focus for EEA for web applications.


We use it for both front end development, and successfully as a high performance web server backend via NodeJS.

Recently, we have also been utilizing AngularJS in specific projects.

The React framework has become a focus for EEA recently, with several projects moving to utilizing this platform completely.

Non-relational databases are often used in prototype systems where the structure is not well known, or where freedom is required to change the structure quickly.

Relational databases are used by EEA where the structure of the data is well known and performance of the database is of great importance to the application

EEA has also implemented high performance databases such as Cassandra where performance over massive datasets is required.

To run any of the above software, if an operating system is required, a relevant flavour of Linux is usually chosen.


Debian for bleeding edge development


CentOS for robust server applications

Depending on the application, the software will be deployed either on our in house server farm or on the most appropriate AWS server instance

Our in house server farm allows us to quickly understand the number of resources used and where we should start to optimize the application.


A custom NGINX web server filters traffic from our fibre internet connections, to seperate Docker Containers.

At every stage throughout the software development process, GIT is used in development.

If a system requires ongoing testing, Jenkins is automated into our project pipeline. With each GIT commit, the relevant software is automatically tested.


Continuous integration has become a key components of successful software development at EEA.

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