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Web and Mobile App and UI/UX Development

The connected world requires visibility of data. At, EEA we have been developing Web and Mobile applications to visualise this data, since 2014.


We write our systems in a number of web frameworks, as well as hybrid and native applications for mobile devices.


EEA will select the correct framework for the application depending on the scale and life-cycle of  a project, as well as the performance and desired price point.


With a number of webapp and mobile apps under our belt, we now also provide professional User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) services, to ensure your customers get the most out of your app experience.

Web Apps

In 2014, EEA developed a customised business-management app to help monitor and control its internal business management activities.


We then went on to implement versions of this same system for a number of clients.


We call this system BusMan, and we can pivot it to help your business if you need.

The system is built on a modular and scalable backend with a front end customized to the user.


We use primarily ReactJS and JavaScript to render custom objects on the screen, and perform business logic.


 The backend integrates with accounting software to synchronise information. Currently we have integrated MYOB and Xero, but will integrate others as required.

Mobile Apps

EEA has also developed a number of mobile apps with clients.


Our most highly used app is the ShockWiz app and is now in the hands of thousands of users.


We can develop apps in either a Hybrid framework like Cordova or React Native.


Or, we develop directly in native code with Swift and ObjectiveC for Apple and Java for Android.

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