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Electronics Development Services

Masters in Electronics Design & Prototyping

EEA has always used precision data loggers to find the real-world forces on the mechanical products we design. These can be expensive and hard to use, so in 2010 we started designing our own industrial data loggers.

Since then we have mastered electronics design and are now using these capabilities to benefit our clients.

EEA now has specialist engineers and technicians in-house developing world-class electronics and software, with the vision of helping others make smarter, field leading products.

Whether you are starting out with a vision of a new smart product or you need help developing the next element in your stack, EEA can help you develop from ground up, or license you our proven working systems.

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Block Model System

   Concepting Sessions | Detailed Requirements Documentation

Find State of the Art Components | License & Use EEA Designs

   Detailed Research & System Design

Enclosure\Housing | Schematic | PCB | Jigs & Fixtures | Looms & Harnesses

   Altium | Solidworks

Circuit Simulation | Physical Circuit Prototype/Breadboard Design

   Altium | In-House Electronics Lab

Circuit Boards | Housings | Looms & Harnesses

   In-House Electronics Lab | Certified Suppliers

Circuit Boards | Complete Product

   In-House Electronics Lab

FCC | CE | RoHS | EMC/EMI | Bluetooth | WiFi | Cellular | Australian Electrical Safety | Ingress Protection IP XX | Hazardous Areas

   In-House Electronics Lab | Certified Testing Partners

PCB | PCB Assembly | Enclosures/Housings | Looms & Harnesses

   In-House Electronics Lab | Production Houses

Components going end of life | Tooling going end of life

   Electronics Engineers