Electronics Design

Electronics Schematic & Circuit Board Design

Electronics has become integral to EEA, helping us create consumer and industrial grade electronic and smart mechatronic products.

Through the design of our own systems, and systems for clients, we have a wide range of working electronic subsystems. Bringing already functioning sub-systems together is a more efficient way of designing robust products.

Design of Electronics from new components is slightly more complex, however, EEA has the experience to do this as well.

Subsystems used in our Designs:

  • Cellular Modems

  • WiFi

  • Bluetooth


  • LoRa Long Range RF

  • CAN

  • ARM Micro Controllers

  • Microprocessors

  • Power Management Systems

  • Lithium Battery Charging Systems

  • Analogue and Digital Sensing

  • Digital Communications (UART, USART, SPI, 12C etc.)

Electronics Schematic & Circuit Board Design

EEA creates electronic design using Solidworks for mechanical packaging, and Altium for electronics design. The team are also proficient in Eagle, PADS and Kicad.

Electronics Housing & Wiring Harnesses

Electronic housings are created in Solidworks and often 3D printed. Vacuum casting or machining is often then used for prototyping.

Harnesses are drawn up in Altium or Solidworks where complex mechanical routing of the harness is required.