Electronics Product Feasibility

High Level Electronics Subsystems

Using our well established library of parts, EEA can efficiently help clients assess electronic product requirements and devise a high level arrangement of subsystems to suit.

With our detailed understanding of the time and cost requirements to design a product and take it to market, we can outline the Bill of Materials (BOM) cost as well as manufacturing costs and Non-Recoverable Engineering (NRE) costs associated with a proposed design.

Today, EEA has created an ecosystem of electronic products in the industrial IoT domain.


Our Electronics Design Services include:

  • Firmware

  • Mobile, Web & Desktop Apps

  • Backed Servers

  • Data Analysis

  • Analytics

EEA's Electronics Product Development Experience

Not only is the design important, but the software needs to compliment the complete User Experience. EEA has trained professionals in-house to help delve into the complete User Experience (UX) when conceptualising electronic products, and this allows us to competently and cost effectively take Electronic products to market, just like the ShockWiz above.

The ShockWiz has sold over 10,000 units worldwide. EEA helped take it from concept to reality and still maintains the Electronics, Firmware, Phone App, Data Analytics and Algorithm Improvements with the inventor, and sales companies.