Electronics Product Maintenance

We Understand Challenges with Electronics Product Development

Every electronic device incorporates electronic components that have a saleable life. They may also incorporate software which may inevitably find security vulnerabilities or dated code as well.

Electronic Component End of Life

EEA understands the fact that each electronic product has a limited, saleable life and that many components utilised are not manufactured for a period of more than 5 or so years from release. At this point, a suitable replacement component may need to be utilised, or the sub-system it is part of may need to be modified.

Selecting the right component when designing an electronic system, with its end date in mind, is the first step. Knowing how to mitigate the risk by planning for components to go to end of life, is the next step, ensuring a product's sales are not hampered by component supply in the future.

Software Vulnerabilities

​Software also becomes dated, especially when security vulnerabilities are discovered. Firmware updated to the electronic systems must be undertaken in a timely manner as to not impact on the consumers already using such products in the field.

EEA understands these challenges with electronics product development and has frameworks and processes around these when developing products with clients.