Electronics Prototyping

Electronics Rapid Prototype Manufacturers

Through the need to rapid prototype systems, EEA has incorporated low volume electronics manufacturer to its suite of services. With these capabilities, EEA is now able to provide fully functional prototypes within 2.5 weeks once a design has been finalised.

With these rapid turnaround times, we can confidently claim to be one of the fastest electronics manufacturers, on the planet.

PCB Manufacture

EEA utilises a range of PCB manufacturers in China to turn around boards within a week.

Different suppliers are chosen from our select partners, depending on requirements and complexity of the PCB.

PCB Assembly


Once we send off to have the PCB’s manufactured, electronic components are ordered.  Within a week, these are received and then prepared for placing and soldering on to the circuit boards. 


After about 1.5 - 2 weeks, the circuit boards arrive. These are then set them up on our precision soldering machine before solder paste is applied. 

Using our precision pick and place machine, components are accurately positioned on the circuit board. Components as small as 0402, 0.4mm QFN’s and 0.8mm BGA’s can be placed using our equipment. 

The PCB’s are then run through our reflow solder oven. We can accomodate Lead Free solder when required, however, Leaded solder is preferred for prototype runs. 


Reworking of prototypes is also done in our Electronics Laboratory. This allows us to rectify issues on the fly and continue with development.