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Inside an Autotronik BA385P2-V SMT Pick & Place Machine


Electronics manufacturing service in Perth, Western Australia.

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PCB Assembly

We are proud to offer consistently high-quality PCB assembly for projects big and small. Single prototype boards are very welcome!

No matter the volume, complexity, or standards of your project, we can deliver high precision batch production with a maximum turnaround of two weeks.

Meet our Advanced German-Engineered Production Line

Our fast and highly accurate Autotronik machines are designed for small-to-medium sized batches and are fit for the high standards of aerospace, defence, and medical grade projects.


We can place a high mix of components down to the tiniest QFN, uBGA and CSP on complex boards up to 450x450mm.

Autotronik BA385P2-V SMT Pick & Place Machine, front view at EEA workshop
Autotronik SP600L Stencil Machine

Autotronik SP600L Semi-automatic Stencil Printer

Applies solder paste to circuit boards with speed and precision. Equipped with a self-locking function to ensure quick pressure alignment and high repeatability, plus a camera to easily align the print.

Autotronik BA385P2-V SMT Pick & Place Machine, interior

Autotronik BA385P2-V SMT Pick & Place Machine

Places surface-mount devices (SMDs) onto circuit boards using high speed robotics. Has an optical centring system to ensure accurate assembly, and guarantees the optimal measurement of SMDs including odd-shaped components with pin pitch as small as 0.3mm.

We've configured our machine with 128 feeders for high mix circuit boards, and it has the ability to dispense glue or solder paste to turn around extremely complex boards extremely fast.

ASSCON VP510 Vapor Phase Soldering System

ASSCON VP510 Vapor Phase Soldering System

Advanced soldering technology using vapour to heat PCBs very precisely with minimal oxidation and contamination. This increases consistency and prevents high costs and delays due to defects and board redesigns, and allows us to achieve the stringent quality requirements of aerospace, defence, and medical applications.

Quality control, guaranteed.

Let the experts handle your next electronics project. Our dedicated production engineers meticulously ensure high standards are met, including conditions for industry-standard IPC certification.

An electronics production engineer inspects a PCB at EEA headquarters

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