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Expertise in CAD, FEA & DEM

We've specialised in mechanical for over 10 years​. Using our expertise in CAD, FEA, Certification to Australian Standards and manufacture, we can help you with all things mechanical product development.

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Hands-on workshop experience means we understand all stages of the development and manufacturing process. This helps us deliver functional, cost-effective solutions working closely with our clients offering value wherever possible.

CAD (Computer Aided Drafting)

We put together fast, functional CAD models with little emphasis on scalability or create fully scalable 3D models driven by dimensions.


We work with a range of Australian and International standards to ensure compliance wherever required. We will assess and design to any standard.

We provide:

  • Detailed design documents outlining how we have certified your product

  • A certificate of compliance signed off by our senior engineers along with each certification

  • Compliance plates affixed with your certified products


Using principles from the analysis and optimisation of haulpak tyres and mining truck trays, we've helped clients optimise products from small plastic components up to huge truck trailers.

We analyse:

  • Utilise clients knowledge to understand the product

  • Assess real world data inputs to develop correct simulation boundary conditions

  • Model and simulate components/systems to the required complexity


We use high quality rendering to get a real world feel for how the product will look once manufactured, as well as for valuable marketing content.


It provides the designer with a true appreciation of the size of a product while applying lifeline textures and views that emulate the human eye or a camera.


We use a range of rendering software from Solidworks, Adobe and open source, depending on the job requirements.


Manufacture & fabrication

We have a large amount of experience in mechanical fabrication workshops, we utilise our boilermaker part of the drafting team to bring the workshop floor into the office. This creates efficiencies in both design and manufacture, meaning smart and cost effective designs.

Metal fabrication

We have the equipment in house to tackle and fabrication up to 10m long and 4m wide, using primarily MIG and TIG welding. We outsource larger jobs to our trusted fabrication partners.

Machining & material treatments

High precision, small parts can be turned around using our machining partners locally as well as in China.


Manufacture & fabrication

EEA has utilised a number of different methods as well as finding reputable suppliers from Australia and around the world to create prototypes for us to test.

Rapid Prototyping

We have a number of in-house 3D printers that can do PLA and ABS plastic. Reputable suppliers can print in any material for us.

Vacuum Casting

High precision, small parts can be turned around using our machining partners locally as well as in China.


Local and international suppliers of low volume machining allow us to produce production quality parts for testing.