Mechanical Certification

Certification to Australian & International Standards

At EEA, our collective experience allows us to efficiently work with a range of Australian and International Standards to ensure compliance wherever required. Let us do the hard work for you!

When using us, we provide the following to give you peace of mind:

  • Detailed design documents outlining how we have certified your product

  • A Certificate of Compliance signed off by our Senior Engineers along with each certification

  • Compliance plates to be affixed with your certified products

A few of the things we certify include:

  • Lifting & Handling Equipment

  • Transportation Frames

  • Stairways / Walkways / Ladders

  • Tooling

  • Wind Loaded Structures

Australian Standards:

  • AS 1170 (Structural Design Actions)

  • AS 4100 (Steel Structures)

  • AS 3990 (Mechanical Structures)

  • AS 4991 (Lifting Devices)

  • AS 1657 (Stairways/Walkways/Ladders)

  • AS 3868 (Earth-moving Machinery)

  • AS 1554 (Welding of Steel)

  • AS 1665 (Welding of Aluminium)

EEA will assess and design to any standard

​If your device is required to be certified to a specific standard, we can assess the criteria then design and analyse accordingly.

If you are unsure if your product requires certification to a particular standard for its domain, EEA can assess this for you.