Mechanical product design

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Hands-on Workshop Experience

Since 2006, EEA has tackled a wide range of complex engineering problems across multiple domains.


We understand all stages of the manufacturing process. This helps us to deliver functional, cost-effective solutions to you product development problems. 

Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)

At EEA we use the best tools for the job and model parts with varying levels of complexity depending on each job.


Depending on client requirements, we can put together fast, functional CAD models with little emphasis on scalability, or we can create fully scalable 3D models driven by dimensions or other variable requirements.

Having 3D CAD model allows detailed analysis to be carried out and can provide valuable insight into product development.

Some examples of what EEA can Design & Optimise:

  • Small consumer electronic devices

  • Haul Trucks & Trays

  • Full Scale Production Plants

Our Design Philosophies

  • Utilise client's knowledge to properly understand engineering requirements​

  • Assess and propose creative, achievable and manufacturable design solutions

  • Utilise the best design and analysis tools for each job