Mechanical Manufacture

Manufacturing & Fabrication

With a large amount of experience in mechanical fabrication workshops, engineering of fabricated designs was a natural progression.

However when EEA struggled to find consistence in quality, pricing and delivery times from manufacturing partners, we brought some manufacturing back in-house, utilising our own boilermaker.

Our lead boilermaker understands our design and engineering processes and is now part of our drafting team. Bringing the workshop floor into the engineering office, creates efficiencies in both design and manufacture, which means smarter and more cost effective designs.

Boilermaking & Metal Fabrication

​We have all the equipment in-house to tackle any fabrication put to 10m long and 4m wide. We utilise primarily MIG and TIG welding, depending on the job.

Larger jobs will be outsourced to our other fabrication partners, who we have worked with before. These partners are usually our own clients, who have utilised our engineering services and we find synergies working with in this way.

Machining & Material Treatments

EEA has various machining partners locally as well as other in China.

High precision, small parts can be turned around rapidly using our local and Chinese supply partners.

Material treatments are completed regularly with our machining partners, to engineering specification, such as case hardening, annealing and tempering, anti corrosive coatings (galvanising, nickel, NiCad) as well as for aesthetic purposes.