Mechanical Marketing

Renders & Animations for Marketing

A key part of the product development process is assessing its form. EEA utilises high quality rendering to get a real world feel of how the product will look once manufactured and to provide valuable marketing content to clients for their products.

Rendering of 3D CAD models:

  • Helps determine how your product will look once manufactured

  • Can be used to create valuable marketing and show your product concept to the world

  • Provide the designer with a true appreciation of the size of a product

  • Applies life-like textures and views that emulate the human eye or a camera lens while allowing the user to view the model from any angle

The Animation Process

Once a storyboard has been established, we can setup the dynamics of your product and the camera to create a lifelike render of your product in motion. 


Using EEA's powerful compute cluster dramatically decreases the rendering time by distributing the workload across our computers and dedicated servers.


  • Use the same rendering software to create realistic animations of your product

  • Can be used to assess function of moving parts

  • Allow for setup of cameras and a storyboard to create realistic videos


We use a range of rendering software from Solidworks, Adobe and open source, depending on the job requirements. Throughout the design process, renders from within the design software will be used to assess how the product looks and feels.