Mechanical Optimisation

FEA, DEM & CFD Analysis

At EEA we analyse models to the degree necessary to ensure they achieve certification and provide safe operation for the intended use.

EEA started analysing haul pack tyres back in 2006 using complex non-linear material models. Following this, EEA then delved into analysis and optimisation of Mining Truck Trays using similar advanced modelling techniques. Using these principles, we have helped our clients on a broad range of projects, from small plastic components, all the way up to truck trailers and haulpac trays.

After determining the imposed actions, worst case scenario analyses can be performed under real-world boundary conditions. These analyses may be conducted on individual components, or full assemblies depending on complexity and interaction between parts.

For Structural analysis we use the most cutting edge tools available



EEA's Analysis Philosophy is:

  • Utilise client's knowledge to understand the system and how it works

  • Assess real-world data inputs to develop correct simulation boundary conditions

  • Model and simulate components/systems to the required complexity

EEA help clients of a broad range of projects including:

  • Static & Dynamic Analysis

  • Thermal Analysis

  • Vibration Analysis

  • Plastic & Composites Analysis

  • Soil Analysis

  • Calibration FEA

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics