Mechanical Prototyping

Manufacturing & Fabrication

EEA has utilised a number of different methods as well as finding reputable suppliers from Australia and around the world to create prototypes for us to test.

Prototyping designs is integral to validating designs created in CAD. A products function and how it feels to a user may need to be assessed, and this may not be able to be completed with the computer based design alone.

Low volume production methods should be used to make a small batch of prototypes with the same look and feel as the final product.

Rapid Prototyping

We have a number of in-house 3D printers as well as reputable suppliers to create prototypes when needed. 3D prints are most often used to validate the form of a design. Our in-house 3D printer can do PLA and ABS plastic. We have reputable suppliers that can print in nearly any material for us, from Steel, Titanium, Carbon and many more.

Vacuum Casting

We offer low production vacuum casting which produces production quality plastic parts, with material properties very similar to ABS plastic. Silicone and rubber parts can also be produced using vacuum casting. We have had significant success using 3D printing and vacuum casting to prototype designs.


We have local and international suppliers of low volume machining. We have partnered with some very good local machine shops, as well as a number of partners in China. This allows us to produce production quality parts for testing, in very little time, usually no more than 2 weeks.