Specialist Product Development

Product Development Experts

At EEA, we have all the tools and knowledge in place to help with full product development, from concept sketches all the way through to manufacture & supply, as we have done for many of our clients. These are usually small quantity items, or one-off designs.

At EEA, we can help you develop your product at any stage of the product development cycle. 

Either, EEA can bill the client for the engineering and certification as well as manufacturing of each product, whereby the client then owns the design and only a certification plate from EEA is to be affixed to each device manufactured to uphold the certification.

Alternatively, EEA can undertake the whole design, certification and product manufacture at its own internal cost, and supply each product back to the client at a discounted rate. However, this means EEA then owns the rights to the design to be manufactured and sold again by EEA.

We are happy to come to arrangements to develop products cost effectively with our clients. Please do not hesitate to  discuss your needs with us and we can come up with an arrangement to suit your needs.