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Doing predictive maintenance ourselves!

Relentless differentiation!

This is the key characteristic of the most highly successful clients we work with.

How do you make something that has been around for 100 years, better?

David Bahemia at Oilfield Piping Systems is one of those clients that inspires me... there are many! But Dave has this attribute in every aspect of what he does.

I met Dave through one of my mentors. He had been looking to improve his product for many years, and was actively monitoring the market and what was being done in predictive maintenance for oil and gas wells.

He had a great idea to set his products apart, but didn't quite know where to start.

Daniel and I got to work, looking at technologies already available... a skim of what could be done.

Then we pitched our idea for a fit-for-purpose sensor detecting a trace element emitted from a worn guide.

Dave wanted to do this right, so we set about pulling together all the off-the-shelf technology we could.

That was when we found the reason why it hadn't been done yet... this is almost always the case with every product development job we do!

That AH-HA moment... you will see it in the video.

We had to create it ourselves - a sensor with higher sensitivity and speed than anything on the market. Some called us crazy for trying it.

But this is what sets the highly successful clients apart - their trust in us, to get done what we knew we could!

Flow loops, simulated slurries, CNC machining, coded welding, precision electronics, edge computing algorithms, proprietary tracer release mechanisms, trade secrets to manufacture... a TRULY MASSIVE undertaking!

A 100-year-old technology, launched into the 21st century.

No longer preventative maintenance, it goes further than predictive maintenance... prescriptive maintenance of pumped wells.

Being able to squeeze the absolute maximum life out of the components, with minimum maintenance.

It is very nice to be part of some of these amazing product developments, and work with people like Dave who continue to inspire me.


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