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Precise fixtures make all the difference for CNC machined plastic products.

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

This is a CNC machined plastic variant for our Cranio Pro-IO housings, machined by our DMG MORI DMU-50 5-axis mill.

The inner cavity is machined first from a block of acetal, a high strength/low friction plastic.

It is then screwed onto a precise fixture that fits the cavity perfectly, preventing any unwanted vibrations during the outer surface machining process.

The difficult part of this workpiece are the sides, which are ramped and smoothly bevelled rather than square.

This required multiple tools and passes, so you might say our machinist Antonio had his work cut out for him. 🥁🥁💥

We’re looking forward to seeing these housings packed with Cranio electronics and out in various fields logging all kinds of useful data!


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