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Building Product Certification & CodeMark

Client Pro9

EEA was initially engaged by Pro9 to develop sensors that would be embedded in the Pro9 wall panels for product life testing.

However, once Pro9 understood our full capabilites, we were then engaged to scope out the physical testing regime required for the Pro9 wall system to achieve CodeMark Certification in Australia as well as BCA certification in the UK.

We were successful in coordinating all tests to achieve an initial phase of CodeMark Certification in Australia. A secondary phase is ongoing to achieve certification across additional categories as well as BCA accreditation in the UK.

We've also created jigs and fixtures, and even undertook some tests required that weren't provided by other testing facilities. See link to Pro9 impact testing promotional video.

Pro9 then engaged EEA to help with the conceptual development of a new production plant for large volume production of the Pro9 wall system.