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Visualisation of sensor data, and everything in-between 

We've become really good at working with big data sets with our background in working with real world sensor data. We work with a range of software and firmware with our team of full stack software engineers and graphic designers.

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Web App Development

We have vast experience in developing Web App's. These show more detail than on a mobile phone App. Web App's are becoming a more normal way of managing and interacting with products and services.

Device management & data visualisation

​Web App's to manage IoT devices, displaying big data sets and inform users of actions required. We've developed and continue to maintain consumer facing web interfaces and complex data sets.


Bespoke ERP & business management systems

In cases where client specific business processes were not easily configurable using off the shelf software, we developed specific interfaces to help them automate their businesses.

Server Software

We develop server software to be deployable on cloud-based services such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and private servers. With proficiency in developing robust backend software that minimises maintenance by engineers and is optimised for minimum operating cost in the data centre.

Modular, scalable server software

Modularity and decoupling is kept in mind when developing server software, software is broken down into smaller micro-services. These can be easily maintained and swapped out with newer technology. Each micro-service is usually scalable by way of clustering to ensure the software can cope with the increasing demand for services.

Data Visualisation

We routinely utilise Python for plotting and visualising large data sets and undertaking data science type investigations.

If information from large data sets is required to be displayed in real-time, we have often built our own web interface charting libraries and linked these with our big-data backend servers.

Utilising open source charting libraries and then customising them to a client’s specific needs has allowed EEA to create live actionable insights and profitable operational changes for our clients.


Element has brought the user experience to the forefront of our product development process, especially related to software.

User Experience (UX)

The range of users and their interaction with the product is conceptualised and the end-to-end requirements are drawn out.

User Interface (UI)

The layout is drawn up in a wireframe, before creating any graphical elements, undertaking more detailed layouts and then simulating the users flow.

The feel of the software is simulated allowing you to tap and click between pages with simplistic animations. The user flow is tested before implementing software development.