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Software Development Services

Software, User Interface & Firmware Development

Given that our background is working with real world sensor data, we have become very good at working with big data sets.

EEA has a diverse team of Full Stack Software Engineers, Computer Scientists and Graphical Designers who are able to deal with the challenges brought about by big data.

The range of software we work with stems from firmware on electronic devices streaming precision high speed data. Through to back-end servers wirelessly communicating with devices in the field, storing huge data sets, and serving this data efficiently to graphical interfaces.

At every step in our software development process, continuous integration testing is undertaken to ensure data integrity, performance and compliance.

EEA has tackled high performance software challenges, and can now help clients create solutions to their own software products.

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Block Model System

   Concepting Sessions | Detailed Requirements Documentation

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   Detailed Research & System Design

Mobile, Web & Desktop Apps | Data Analysis

   Adobe XD | Photoshop | InVision

Firmware | Mobile, Web & Desktop Apps | Backed Servers | Data Analysis | Analytics

   C | C++ | C# | JavaScript | Python | Java | Frameworks | Build Scripts

Continuous Integration Testing

   Docker | Python | Jenkins | Jest

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   Amazon Web Services | Azure | Private Servers | Containers

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   Stay Informed with Community & Update if Software Volnerabilities Identified