Server Software

Highly Proficient in Developing Robust Backend Software

Backend server software is integral to any web based product. It is often like the base of the iceberg being many more times more complex than the consumer facing web interface. 


EEA develops server software to be deployable on cloud based services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and private servers. We have become highly proficient in developing robust backend software that minimizes maintenance by dedicated engineers, and is optimized for minimum operating cost in the data centre.

Modular, Scalable Server Software


EEA develops server software with modularity and decoupling in mind. This is when the software is broken down into smaller software modules. 


These smaller software modules can be more easily maintained and swapped out with newer technology with much more ease than a larger coupled system. 


Each software module is usually scalable by way of clustering also, to ensure the software can cope with increasing demand for services when required.

Our Software Development Services include:

In order to decrease web applicaiton operating costs, and costly downtime, EEA has adopted an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) deployment approach. 


This approach brings together developers and operations IT staff by automatically deploying server software and their associated operating systems to servers by use of software scripts. 


This approach decreases the workload of IT staff and ensures a consistent deployment of software across all server instances. It also allows for highly scalable software operations as new instances of software modules can be ‘spun-up’ from deployment scripts automatically when required.