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AXS Web App

Client SRAM

We helped SRAM prototype and bring to market, a cycling specific data visualisation platform.

Off the back of the ShockWiz device success, SRAM wanted to be able to more easily visualise some of the raw and computed data from the ShockWiz and some of their other connected cycling devices. 

We started out prototyping a web platform using off the shelf tools, and quickly found the limitations of the charting libraries, web frameworks and backend services required to serve up reasonable size data sets with reasonable User Experience (UX). SRAM took on the task of architecting the backend and Element took the task of developing the entire front end... FROM SCRATCH! 

We mocked up UX concepts in Adobe XD along side Industrial Designers from SRAM, and got to work setting up a proper responsive ReactJS based web front end. 

Now, some 18 months later, we have a platform of which we continue to maintain and develop new features for. The userbase is growing past 150,000 users with some 50,000+ daily users. 

An integral part of the system is the charting library which is all developed from scratch here in-house at Element Engineering. Our experience visualising IoT data has taught us how to best work with these datasets in the browser.