Structural Building Products Certification

Preferred Engineering Provider for CodeMark Assessment

EEA has been accepted to be able to undertake structural loading tests within our workshop facilities, and we are a recognised testing facility under the CodeMark certification scheme.

Building products in Australia and New Zealand must certified under the CodeMark Certification Scheme.

EEA has helped several clients develop their products, test them to rigorous testing standards, analyse and improve the products using engineering studies and simulation, and then compile all documentation for submission and approval of CodeMark.

Product Testing

Many building products are subject to rigorous testing, as is required for any product which could impact on human life.

Numerous tests such as structural fire tests, spread of flame tests, smoke development tests, hygiene tests, noise transmission tests and many more, are generally required for these products..

EEA is not only able to undertake some of these tests in house, but can also coordinate some of the more complex tests to be conducted at designated test facilities around the world.

EEA has successfully undertaken this process with a number of clients.

EEA is a Preferred Engineering Provider for CodeMark Assessment

Given our long standing relationship with CertMark, the International CodeMark accreditation body, EEA is now a preferred engineering supplier for providing engineering and certification services for building products in Australia and New Zealand.

CertMark Australia routinely refer clients to EEA for us to help them with their product developments, certification and compliance.