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eTap AXS Bike Finder

A better way to search

Bike Finder is a web tool for exploring a catalogue of every bicycle compatible with eTap, SRAM’s proprietary electronic drive train. The website features a beginner-friendly interface with helpful prompts and clear illustrations to help everyone find their perfect bike.

SRAM Bike Finder web app on a laptop screen
SRAM Bike Finder web app user interface

Dedicated to the user experience

We improved the design and layout of the old site and added a guided step-by-step flow to provide beginners with key details. The existing filters (ride style, brand, and series) were given their own pages with an image and description to make the process more informative and encourage exploration of different types of bikes.

A reliable web experience

Our web developers built this version of Bike Finder from scratch using React JS, a JavaScript frontend library. We built a comprehensive test cases for debugging to achieve over 90% code coverage and implemented Appalanga for automated language localisation.

EEA software engineer working on SRAM Bike Finder web app
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