We've developed hundreds of successful products with our clients

Our focus is now on helping companies develop smart, innovative products to give them a competitive edge in their domain.

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We helped Wescone achieve greater crushing efficiency through a number of geometry changes being implemented and then analysed.

A device envisaged to help all mountain bikers gain more enjoyment from their ride.

Ground up conceptual design on an underground truck tray for Atlas Copco MT6020 trucks.

Cycling specific IoT data visualisation for SRAM. Over 100,000 users. We at Element Engineering designed the complete Front End from ground up!

Design, certification, manufacture and installation of a mezzanine and clean room, all in-house.

Internal business management software developed primarily for EEA, but now the core of software for other businesses also.

We used FEA to replicate failures seen in the field and to eliminate these and improve the durability of the product.

UX design interacting with the ShockWiz device. This was developed with heavy input from a range of mountain bikers.

Design and manufacture of some mining truck stands for use on the Komatsu 930E and CAT777 dump trucks.