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We're proud to have worked across a range of fields with industry-leading clients.


An automated suspension tuning system for mountain bikes. We undertook electronics and firmware design, calibration, testing and mobile app development.

ShockWiz suspension tuning IoT device
Wear Detection System IoT wellhead mounted device
WDT logo

A system that monitors the wear of down-hole equipment in oil and gas pipelines, eliminating unplanned maintenance. Our full range of engineering & design domains are engaged in this exciting IoT product.

MPC Kinetic logo
Epiroc logo

A data logging vehicle for surveying blast pads in surface mining operations. We analysed the robotic arm, designed the truck tray and mechanical housing, reengineered some circuit boards, and brought the design up to Australian standards.

MPC Autonomous Truck tray
Wescone W300 Sample Crusher, cross section
Wescone logo

A compact sample crusher used to test the quality of ore being live loaded onto ships. Our mechanical engineers made geometrical changes to improve durability and crushing efficiency.

SRAM logo

A cycling specific IoT data visualisation platform with over 100,000 users.

We designed the front-end user experience from the ground up.

AXS Web App on desktop screen
SRAM AXS Mobile app on phone
SRAM logo

A mobile app that connects to SRAM electronic bicycle components, allowing cyclists to monitor performance, update firmware, build bike profiles, and save ride data.

We created a front-end component package from scratch, which was used to build the user preference section.

HydraTune logo
Koodaideri logo

A wireless hydraulic tuning system for heavy machinery in the minng industry incorporating our exciting new Cranio IoT system.

We are involved with industrial design for the devices, building a native app for remote tablet control, and branding.

Hydratune brand website on laptop screen
SRAM Bike Finder web app
SRAM logo

A web tool for exploring a catalogue of every bicycle compatible with SRAM’s proprietary electronic drive train, eTap.

We improved the user experience by redesigning the interface using Figma and React CS.

Wear Force logo

Bucket attachments that help excavators and loaders penetrate the earth and withstand high forces.

We used FEA to replicate and eliminate failures seen in the field, improving durability.

Wearforce bucket tooth CAD model
Bullant Underground Truck Tray
DT HiLoad logo

An underground truck tray for Atlas Copco MT6020 trucks.

We undertook the conceptual designs, full detailing of parts, FEA analysis, and were involved in mine site trials.

DT HiLoad logo

A heavy-duty tray with a unique replaceable steel floor designed for mining trucks.

We did the ground-up conceptual design with the inventor, FEA analysis, production drawings, and first trials onsite.

CAT777 Flex Floor for mining truck
Element Engineering Mining truck stands
Element Engineering Australia logo

Highly mobile stands to support Komatsu 930E and CAT777 dump trucks.

We designed and manufactured these ourselves, using high level analysis to ensure a certification of up to 100 tonnes.

Concord Engineering logo
WesTrac logo
AtlasCopco logo

We've designed hundreds of transportation frames for various clients, guaranteeing the safe and legal movement of heavy components.

We visited sites, measured the components, came up with designs to the clients’ requirements, certified against structural and road safety standards, optimised the design using FEA, then manufactured the final products in-house.

Transportation frames by EEA
BusMan web app on laptop screen
Element Engineering Australia logo

Business management web software that simplifies logging employee work hours for the purpose of billing clients.

We built this innovation here at Element, and it’s now being used by some of our clients as well.

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