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AXS Web App

Understand your Ride

AXS Web is a web tool for easily visualising raw and computed data from data enabled cycling devices such as SRAM ShockWiz helping cyclists analyse and improve their rides.

Off the back of the ShockWiz device success, we continued working with SRAM to prototype and bring this convenient tool to market.

SRAM AXS web app on an iMac screen, list of bicycles
05_AXS Web_More images_03_tyre pressure screenshot.png
SRAM AXS web app, component list page

Web Software

We started out prototyping using off-the-shelf tools, but quickly found the limitations of 3rd party web frameworks and backend services. It is difficult to serve up reasonable size data sets with great user experience.

An integral part of the system is the charting library, which was developed in-house at Element Engineering. Our experience visualising IoT data taught us how to best work with these datasets in the browser.

User Experience (UX)

SRAM took on the task of architecting the backend and we began developing the entire front end, from scratch!

We mocked up UX concepts in Adobe XD alongside graphic designers from SRAM and got to work setting up a responsive ReactJS based web front end.

SRAM AXS web app examples of data visualisations.
SRAM AXS web app Ride Report data visualisation

Now Available

AXS Web is now live, with upwards of 150,000 users and some 10,000+ daily users. We continue to maintain the platform and develop new features.

Find out more about AXS Web:

SRAM AXS web app Ride Report data visualisation on iMac screen.
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