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Metalworking service in Perth, Western Australia.

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General Fabrication

We have over 10 years experience tackling big mechanical fabrication projects for rugged industries.

Our office and workshop are one, allowing our engineers to make changes quickly and effortlessly to your design. This means your products will be more cost effective and turn out right the first time.

Precision welding

  • TIG (GTAW) including Stainless

  • MIG (GMAW)

  • Flux core (FCAW)

  • Stick (SMAW)


  • Mild steel

  • Carbon steel

  • Stainless steel

  • Aluminium


  • Powder coating

  • Epoxy enamel

  • Anodizing

  • Passivating

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We work with a range of Australian and International standards to ensure compliance wherever required. We provide:

  • Detailed design documents outlining how we have certified your product.

  • Engineering certificates of compliance, signed off by a senior engineer.

  • Certification plates affixed to your products, with serial numbers and contact information.

Element Engineering Australia Certification Compliance plate
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Proven track record

Fabrication has always been part of our product development packages. It has often been convenient and cost-effective for clients to entrust the manufacturing work to us once our designs are ready to go.

We build heavy-duty products for tough industries. Supporting train, heavy haulage, truck stillage frames, and much more.

Got a project idea?

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