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Wide overhead view of CNC machinist installing a tool in a DMG Mori NLX2500Y | 700 Turning Centre


Machining service in Perth, Western Australia.

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CNC Machining

Do you need fast, high precision batch production to bring your CAD to life?

Our versatile services can handle difficult jobs that require a high level of consistency, even up to aerospace, defence, and medical industry standards.

Meet our machines

Our DMG MORI milling beasts are capable of machining all materials - high grade steels, chromoly 4140 & 4340, aluminium 6061 & 7075, titanium, Inconel, and engineered plastics.

The machines are thermally stabilized, able to hold their tolerances between batches. Finished parts in the afternoon are identical to those in the morning.

A part being machined with coolant inside a DMG Mori NLX2500Y|700
DMG MORI NLX-2500|700 CNC lathe, at Element Engineering

DMG MORI NLX2500Y | 700 Turning Centre

An automated y-axis lathe with incredible versatility. A built-in motor turret essentially makes it a 4-axis milling machine, able to produce surprisingly complex parts. Equipped with a bar feeder to enable higher production volumes.

DMG MORI DMU-50 3rd generation CNC machine, at Element Engineering

DMG MORI DMU-50 3rd Generation Universal Milling Machine

A highly accurate 5-axis simultaneous milling machine with a rigid swivel rotary table. Equipped with a 60-tool magazine for faster setups, with 55 generic tools ready to go allowing us to program a job faster. The remaining 5 spots will be for custom tools required for each job.

Precision Probe

High standards are met throughout the process using a precision probe and coordinate measuring machine (CMM) on completed parts to ensure their accuracy & consistency.

An EEA machinist operates the DMG MORI NLX 2500L lathe
A machinist uses MasterCam to program the CNC machine

The right machines & the right people.

Put our mechanical expertise to good use. We will convert your designs into complex machine instructions using MasterCAM software, selecting the right tools and tracing precise paths.

We simulate the entire jigs and fixture setup to prevent errors, collisions, and tool breakages.

Got a project idea?

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