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Turning vision into reality.

Let us create an end-to-end service fit for your purposes, taking you through ideas and sketches, research, design, prototyping, all the way to initial and volume production. 

We have what you need. Check out our range of engineering domains!

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Mechanical Services icon

We've specialised in mechanical engineering for over 12 years​. Our services cover design and drafting, FEA, DEM, CFD, certification, prototyping, testing, and designing for real world manufacturing.

Electronics Services icon

Our experts develop rugged electronics fit for any purpose, including data logging and using RF in challenging conditions. We also turn around circuit board prototypes fast with our in-house pick-and-place line.

Firmware Services icon

Our dedicated firmware team develops solid code and furiously debugs and tests products, ensuring that they turn on and perform as intended. We also design, build, and install test fixtures to take care of electronics production on the factory floor.

Web Software Services icon

Our full stack developers create web apps that give users a great experience interacting with products and services. We also design reliable backend server software, minimising maintenance and operating costs in the data centre.

Native App Development Services icon

We love creating iOS, Android and cross platform apps that visualise real world sensor data and deliver the features your users need. Our apps are used daily by over 100,000 consumers worldwide.

UI UX Services icon

We are passionate about great user experiences and creating beautiful visual identities. Let our designers take care of industrial design, graphics, and branding.

Got a project idea?

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