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LSR injection moulding service in Perth, Western Australia.

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Liquid Silicone

Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is a very useful material for creating rugged sealed products in demanding industries.

We can quickly manufacture custom sealing and interface components for mechanical and electronics projects, including over-moulding for wires and connectors.

LSR BabyPlast machine-07998.jpg

Babyplast 6/12 LSR Injection Moulding Machine

A vertical injection moulding machine for liquid silicon rubber, with a pneumatic load mixer and colour adding unit. Can mould with few cavities, with low electricity consumption and hourly cost.

We can achieve the dimensional requirements of medical grade silicon products with our machine and workshop space.

Fast, high precision moulds

Moulds for LSR machines are typically created for large batches, and are large, complex, and expensive to produce. However due to the compact size of our BabyPlast and our in-house CNC machining and 3D printing capabilities, we can efficiently produce excellent moulds to produce small batches of precision LSR components as fast as possible.

An LSR mould machined by our CNC capabilities

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