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Bullant underground truck tray for DT HiLoad


Powerful design tools and manufacturing experience.

Our team of mechanical engineers, boilermakers and machinists focus on providing clients with a fast and uncompromising experience, coming up with innovative solutions that work the first time around.

Industrial Design icon

Industrial Design

Use our mechanical and design teams' close relationship to your advantage. We have plenty of experience with DFM (design for manufacture), quickly working through revisions to make products tougher, and we can meet any required IP rating.

CAD icon

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

We provide fast and cost-effective 3D modelling and drafting using SolidWorks and Ansys SpaceClaim, from concept sketches to comprehensive manufacture drawings to high quality renders and animations for marketing.

FEA icon

Predict how your product will react to vibration, heat, and other real-world forces using our ANSYS and ABAQUS software packages.

Mechanical Prototyping icon

Discrete Element Modelling (DEM)

From fine powder to large rocks, we can use Rocky DEM to simulate particle movement and interaction to quickly optimise your product and predict wear and tear.

CFD icon

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

We mastered ANSYS to simulate the flow and effects of wind, water and any other gases and fluids on your structures.

Certification icon


Enjoy peace of mind as our senior engineers ensure your designs meet all required Australian and international compliances and standards, such as AS4100 and AS1170.

DEM icon


With tight integration between our engineers and advanced machining workshop, we can efficiently manufacture your prototypes right here in Western Australia.

Testing icon


We love getting physical and logging real-world data. Let us perform physical load testing, strain gauging and non-destructive testing in our workshop.


Wescone W300 sample crusher
Wescone Logo

A uniquely compact crusher used to test the quality of ore being live loaded onto ships. Our mechanical engineers made geometrical changes to improve durability and crushing efficiency.

DT Hi Load Bullant Truck Tray
DT HiLoad Logo

An underground tray for Atlas Copco MT6020 trucks. We undertook the conceptual designs, full detailing of parts, FEA analysis, and were involved in mine site trials.

Beyond simulations.

Take advantage of our thermally stable CNC machining capabilities and the close integration of our engineers with the workshop floor.

We have what you need to turn around prototypes and batch production quickly, right here in Western Australia.

A machinist prepares a tool inside a DMG MORI NLX-2500 CNC lathe

Got a project idea?

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