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W300 Sample Crusher

The Global Benchmark

The W300 Sample Crusher reduces large rocks into smaller pieces for analysis. It has a unique small footprint, high throughput, and high reduction ratio, and is built tough for the mining, mineral processing, and assay laboratory industries.

Wescone W300 Crusher, cross section
Wescone W300 Crusher
Wescone W300 Crusher, internal cross section CAD

Optimisation through simulation

We came in to help Wescone design the W300 Crusher version 3, achieving greater crushing efficiency and working life.

Using a combination of computer aided design (CAD) and finite element analysis (FEA), geometry changes were implemented and examined. Our process helped the W300 achieve a 10% boost in crushing efficiency while improving durability and component life.

Version 4 upgrade

Wescone returned to us with feedback that some crushers were being prematurely damaged by oversized material being fed into them. They asked us to optimise the design while maintaining compatibility with existing equipment.

We engineered a 7% increase in crushing efficiency for larger ore sizes while preventing breakdowns. Material previously deemed oversized is now acceptable.

Wescone W300 Crusher, FEA stress analysis
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