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A set of small anodised aluminium parts coloured charcoal and bronze on a white background.


Aluminium Anodising service in Perth, WA.

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Need your aluminium parts anodised locally? Our Type II anodising process means components can be turned around in a matter of days.

Anodised aluminium Cranio parts of different colours on a white background.
A violet anodised aluminium throttle spacer part for Element Speed Shop, on a white background.
Small black anodised parts for Immersive Technologies.

Why Anodise?

Anodising enhances the durability, appearance, and corrosion resistance of aluminium parts. Not only does it improve the strength of the component, but also allows for colour customisation, electrical insulation, and adhesion for secondary processes.

Grey finish on an anodised aluminium part.

The Process

We have a Type II anodising process either clear or with colour dyes, and guarantee anodic layer thickness between 10-25µm for colour, and 8-12µm for clear. Your parts tolerances will be held after anodising.

An assembly of anodised aluminium Cranio components on a white background.
Grey, bronze, and charcoal finishes.


You can select from a fixed range of colour dyes available to us - Black, Grey, Blue, Red, Orange, Violet, Yellow, and more. We can do custom colours, but this will require testing.


  • CNC as milled (machining marks visible)

  • Bead blast (matte finish)

  • Brushed

  • Polished

A purple anodised aluminium part, with bead blast and edges broken.

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