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App development is no small task. We know what is required to optimise performance and achieve the required user experience, having developed successful apps for IoT data visualisation and business management.

You need experienced engineers dedicated to iOS and Android, with a common coding style between the two, allowing us to create native apps quickly and consistently across platforms.

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Native iOS

Creating high performance applications on iOS devices almost always requires native coding. We prefer to use the latest languages Swift and SwiftUI, and we are also experienced with Objective C and StoryBoard.

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Native Android

Coding Android apps requires skill and experience with Java. We also use Kotlin with Jetpack Compose for fast and secure applications.

UI Library - Icon Large.png

UI Library

Developing apps from scratch can be tedious. That’s why we’ve created a range of standardised UI widgets, such as buttons, text boxes and sliders to quickly create beautiful and easy-to-use apps with minimal time and effort.

Cross Platform - Icon Large.png

Cross Platform

Sometimes we can quickly create a web iOS and Android app from the same code. This method might be best for your project. React Native and other cross platform libraries allow us to package and deploy web software on mobile platforms.

Android Reverse Engineering - Icon Large.png

Android Reverse Engineering

Android is open-source, therefore apps are in danger of exploitation. Our highly skilled senior Android engineers can reverse-engineer your app to ensure the integrity of your software and APIs so nobody can bypass paywalls or read your
source code.


SRAM ShockWiz native app, on mobile screen

An automated suspension tuning system for mountain bikes. We undertook electronics and firmware design, calibration, testing and mobile app development.

SRAM AXS native app, on mobile screen

A mobile app that connects to SRAM electronic bicycle components. We created a front-end component package from scratch which was then used to build the user preference section.

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