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Control. Personalize. Measure.

SRAM AXS App connects to electronic bicycle components from SRAM, RockShox, Quarq and Zipp, allowing cyclists to remotely monitor performance, update firmware, build personalised bike profiles, and keep track of ride data for further analysis.

SRAM AXS app on mobile device, settings screen
SRAM UI library components

Fast development with a customized library

Our engineers created a package of components called SRAM UI that could assemble any interface design quickly and easily using the latest technologies (Swift with SwiftUI and Kotlin with Jetpack Compose). The library is loaded with inputs and features, matches SRAM’s brand colours and fonts, is very secure, and guarantees quality of code despite any changes to the interface design.

Put to good use

SRAM UI was used to build the user settings menus in the AXS mobile app, taking full advantage of our interface components and inputs to give each user a fully customisable experience.

We've also created our own Element UI to be able to quickly create apps for any client.

An EEA software engineer works on SRAM AXS mobile app
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