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A firmware engineer in EEA workshop working on a programming jig


Design, debugging & 

We are proud to develop robust software for our clients’ electronic devices, with tens of thousands of users currently relying on our expertise to maintain their appliances in the field every month.


Firmware provides basic instructions to machines, acting as an intermediary between software and hardware so that a product functions as intended.

Firmware Design icon

Firmware Design

We develop robust fit-for-purpose code with over 10 years experience with electronics development. Our firmware is designed using either real-time operating systems (RTOS) or custom schedulers and drives, whichever is most suitable for the product.

Test Fixtures icon

Test Fixtures

We design robust production fixtures for functional testing of circuit boards, calibrating products, and continuous development (CI) of firmware. We can also oversee their installation on the factory floor.


SRAM ShockWiz automated suspension tuning device

An automated suspension tuning system for mountain bikes. We undertook firmware design, calibration, testing, and production fixture production.

Wear Detection System well-mounted device
WDT Logo

A system that monitors the wear of down-hole equipment in oil and gas pipelines, eliminating unplanned maintenance. Our firmware engineers performed detailed design and fixture production on this exciting IoT product.

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